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Místico is a masterpiece. Discover the amazing artworks.

Místico is a masterpiece. Discover the amazing artworks.


Místico offers residents and guests an experience unlike anywhere else. We are the first beach community in the country to offer an outdoor art gallery. People can admire our incredible sculptures from the patios of their houses and be amazed at the majestic creations.

In total, there are six artworks that highlight the national culture of Costa Rica, paying tribute to fishing, cycling, water sports, sustainability, and equestrianism. The main attraction of this outdoor cultural showcase is a 16-meter-tall horse head, equivalent in size to a five-story building, that appears to emerge from the sky to drink water in the lake.

This creative piece comes from Marco Antonio González, a Guanacaste artist with a long career as a sculptor. The structure required elaborate work and took approximately five months to design and build. 

When you live at Místico, you can appreciate Costa Rican art every day. In addition, you can enjoy other incredible amenities like 12 kilometers of cycling paths, trails for mountain biking and bird-watching, a park, and a series of lakes covering 130,000 square meters, where you can kayak, paddleboard, and swim.