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Home of the most beautiful birds of Costa Rica.

Home of the most beautiful birds of Costa Rica.


With more than 900 registered bird species in the country, bird-watching in Costa Rica is some of the best on the planet. At Místico, the birding is excellent thanks to its geographical location between mountains and the ocean, and the lake that attracts a variety of birds and animals looking for places to cool down and drink water.

Místico’s setting in the tropical paradise of Playa Hermosa, on the Central Pacific coast, is an open door for you to embrace the natural beauty that is admired in this area.

During the day, you can enjoy walking on our trails to breathe fresh air, exercise your body, and at the same time, observe hundreds of species of birds in the surrounding forest. 

Bird-watching offers multiple benefits. Ecologists of the National Trust Foundation in the UK indicated that spending 5 minutes a day listening to birds is the best recipe for restoring good humor (reported in the Daily Telegraph).

Additionally, bird-watching requires patience and reflection, akin to practicing meditation. Even the most active and anxious people achieve a sense of calm when bird-watching.

It also helps combat a sedentary lifestyle. Bird-watching requires a lot of physical effort, as those who are passionate about it know, requiring you to be outdoors, walk quietly through potentially difficult terrain, or even climb mountains in order to sight various birds.

For the community at Místico, being part of the natural environment away from the masses and the noise of the city is a great attraction. Get immersed in nature and be happy!