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Discovering Jaco Beach as Real Estate opportunity for rentals by owner

Discovering Jaco Beach as Real Estate opportunity for rentals by owner

If you’re planning to invest in Costa Rica, Playa Jaco (Jaco Beach) could be your first choice.

According to TripAdvisor the town located in the Pacific of Costa Rica is one of the most visited in Central America, it means that form the economy point of view it’s eligible for real estate option.

Let’s take a quick look at the advantages of buying a property in Jaco beach (for real)

Let’s start with location vs. future invest, as we mentioned Jaco Costa Rica is known as one of the best travel spots in the country and Central America, According to ICT (Costa Rica Tourism Authority) every year more than 3,000,000 tourists visit the country and the 25% decide to visit the Pacific of Costa Rica where Jaco Beach is chosen as one of the top options.

With this information provided by ICT, we can determine that buy a property in Jaco Beach could be a great option. Of course, there’re important aspects as the low season (from April 4 to November 30) that can affect the business however from December until March 30 the high season is a great opportunity to rent your property and get a good revenue. You may know that most of the properties for sale located in Jaco Beach have large prices even more if you’re planning to buy a beachfront property. For that reason, the idea of buying a property near to Jaco Beach can be a great option too.

For example, there’re really nice properties such as Nautilus or Lakus which are some of our projects located in Esterillos Beach, just 20 minutes driving from Jaco Beach. Many investors are choosing properties like that because are close to Jaco Beach and prices are more accessible. Also if you’re buying a property for rent you should know that every day more people are choosing relaxing destinations to sleep even if they like to visit Jaco, tourist love a peaceful place to sleep.

As a conclusion, we can say that Jaco Costa Rica could be a great choice to invest and properties near to Jaco can save you a lot of money and making your invest easier to drive.