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Discovering Hermosa Beach Jaco, as Real Estate Opportunity

Discovering Hermosa Beach Jaco, as Real Estate Opportunity

Located 4 km south away from Jacó Beach you’ll find Hermosa beach town. The zone is very popular because of surfing spots and nature surroundings. This turns Hermosa Beach is an ideal place to relax and be in touch with wildlife.

Located near the beach, Místico Community is well-known to be a great place to live. It has lakes, forests, biodiversity, direct access to the beach, plus 24/7 security. There are 6 real estate projects inside Místico: Available lots, Flats, Lakus, Nautilus and House 14.

Early this year the International realty firm Remax categorized Hermosa Beach as a-good-place-to-invest in the Pacific of Costa Rica.

Why can Hermosa Beach Beat Jaco as Real Estate Investment?

Jaco Beach is a well-known international travel destination, it’s a great spot for all those people who want to have fun and spend an unforgettable vacation in Costa Rica, but at the same time is not a quiet town to live at all. 

Hermosa Beach keeps that “old style” that takes us to the real Costa Rica with small and beautiful towns around the beach, great ecological sustainability, and beautiful mountains. On the other hand, you can probably catch a better square-meter-price at Hermosa than in Jaco or Los Suenos Herradura.

Beach, Mountain, and Tranquility 

Most of us agree on how difficult it can be to buy a property in Costa Rica, not because of documentation but because it can be hard to find the ideal location. That’s why our team in Mistico at Hermosa Beach will let you set a walk-through tour, so that you can have an extensive review of the property and location.

If you’re looking to buy a property in Costa Rica, we highly recommend Hermosa Beach, a constant growing town with lots of things to offer.