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Celebration of National Surfing Day in Costa Rica.

Celebration of National Surfing Day in Costa Rica.


This October 19 is historic. For the first time in the country, National Surf Day will be celebrated.

Law that was promoted by the deputy Melvin Núñez Piña; to celebrate this sport on the third Saturdays of the month of October of each year.


This celebration is a tribute to various styles of surfing, including; Shortboard, Longboard, Bodyboard, SUP Surf, SUP Race and Skimboard, disciplines recognized by the FSC.

This is a fact of great importance for surfing because it declares it a sport and as of public interest, economic and touristic. 

In turn, it is an achievement that further enhances the development of tourism in Playa Hermosa, Jaco, the epicenter where the best Central American and world surfing tournaments are held.

According to the census conducted by the Surf Federation of Costa Rica, it revealed that Jaco occupies the first place for the execution of this sporting activity.

Its warm waters and the favorable waves make it a sporting paradise for foreigners, which generates millions of dollars to the country thanks to tourists who enter the country for surfing reasons.

This is reflected in the data of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT) where they indicate that 22% of the total number of tourists entering the country do so “with the surfboard in hand”.

On average there are 600,000 surfers who visit the Costa Rican waves annually and many of them fall in love with our beaches so much that they decide to live in Costa Rica and become national citiziens.

One of their favorite places to live is Místico, a beach community with multiple amenities and direct access to Playa Hermosa.

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