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5 activities you must do while you are in Místico before sunset falls.

5 activities you must do while you are in Místico before sunset falls.


Místico is a beach community that offers various entertainment alternatives for all tastes and ages.

On this occasion to make the most of the day, we select among many options the best 5 activities, those that will make your time in Místico add only memorable and fun experiences.

1. Practice Yoga in the morning.

This practice is a perfect stimulant to wake up every day, it is an excellent way to stretch and lengthen the body. It also activates you, it fills you with energy and positivity, so that the rest of your day will be full of peace and tranquility, despite the waves of negativity that may come from other people or situations.

2. Take surf lessons.

It is an excellent option to include in your family vacations and a great anti-stress therapy. During a surfing session, you will feel relaxed, happy, disconnect from your daily problems and it will make you only concentrate on the waves and the environment around you. In the Central Pacific every day you will find excellent conditions and waves to surf.

3. Enjoy the wildlife.

If you walk in silence and listen carefully to the whisper of the leaves, you can find a variety of animals including macaws, toucans, and monkeys.

4. Play to be Tarzan.

Be a child again and live by playing in our lake. On a hot summer day, it is very refreshing to jump or splash into the water.

5. Go to the beach to watch the sunset.

There is nothing more majestic than sunset at Místico. It is the cherry on the cake to culminate a wonderful day.

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